Within Teamwork CRM, users can be automatically synced from your Teamwork site.

If you set up Teamwork CRM through an existing Teamwork account, those Teamwork users and collaborators will be automatically synced to your CRM site.

By default, the user enabling Teamwork CRM plus all Teamwork administrators will be the only ones enabled as active users on your CRM site.

Remaining Teamwork users will be listed under the Other Teamwork users tab at the top of the Users area.

You can add a user from this list to your CRM account by selecting the Add to Teamwork CRM option to the right of the user’s email.

Removing a user from Teamwork CRM

You can remove a user from the Teamwork CRM users list via the options menu (three dots) to the right of the user’s email address.

When removing a user, you will be given the option to transfer any associated items to another user. Once removed, the user will be listed under the Other Teamwork Users section.

For more information, see: Adding a User to Your Site