Easy Insight is a cloud analytics platform that enables you to connect your cloud apps and create real time dashboards to monitor and improve conversion rates.

Within Easy Insight, you can instantly edit existing deals and create new deals that are in your Teamwork CRM account. 

Note: You must first enable Easy Insight for your site and have the two-way integration set up. 

Managing and creating your deals is done via the deals edit list function in Easy Insight, which is located in the Home area within your Teamwork CRM connection. This can also be accessed from the relevant dashboard. 

Home area

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Adding a Deal 

To create a new deal, select Add Deals from the left-hand side.
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The add deal modal will allow you to enter: 

  • A deal title
  • Custom Value 
  • Stage Name
  • Currency Name
  • User Name
  • Company Name
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Once completed, select Add. This will automatically be added to your Teamwork CRM account. 

Editing a Deal 

From the deal edit list, you can edit a deal title, custom value, user assigned, or stage name directly from each field. 

Click into any field to update the details. Any changes made will automatically be updated in your Teamwork CRM account. 

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For more information, see: Easy Insight and Teamwork CRM documentation