Within Teamwork CRM, you can use webhooks to interact with your data, build integrations, and generate reports.

Webhooks allow trigger actions to prompt secondary actions to be performed, such as:

  • When a deal is marked as won, create a message in Teamwork.
  • If a contact is created, create a new lead.
  • When a new activity is created, send an email to the assignee.
When an event is triggered, we will send a HTTP POST request to the URL you have provided.

You can create and manage your webhooks through your site settings in your Teamwork CRM account.

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When creating a webhook, you will need to add your URL and specify which events to send. An additional option is to add a token to verify the request.

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You can access the Teamwork CRM API documentation via the following links:

For more information, see: Managing Your API Keys