Within Teamwork Chat, you can add and update your status to give your team quick updates about what you are working on.

Updating your status in Teamwork Chat will also update your Teamwork status and vice versa. Custom statuses are visible on the web app, desktop app and iOS versions of Chat. 

To set your status, click your profile icon in the top right corner and select Set status from the dropdown menu. 

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In the Set Status modal, you can enter a custom status or choose from one of the quick default statuses: 

  • In the office
  • Travelling
  • Working from home

You can add emojis when creating a status. Click the green Set Status button to update. 

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Once completed, you will see a green success indicator in the bottom right corner. 

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Your status will also have been updated in Teamwork. 

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Once a user has set a status, an emoji will show next to their name in Teamwork Chat. Hover over the icon to view their status. 

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You can also view a users status from: 

  • The conversation sidebar when in a direct message 
  • The conversation information panel when in a direct message 
  • The people list for conversations
  • The people picker for conversations
  • The browse people area

Editing a status

Once a status has been set, you can then clear or edit your status. Click your profile icon in the top right corner. Select Clear to remove a status update or Edit to amend your current status. 

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Video call statuses

Within your profile preferences, you can enable the Automatically set status when on a call setting. 

With this setting is enabled, your status will automatically be updated to "On a call", once you have joined a call. Following a call, your status will revert back to its previous setting before the call was initiated. 

For more information, see: Profile Statuses