Within Teamwork Chat, you can use keyboard shortcuts for various commands.

Move up through conversations
Ctrl   Shift   Tab  *

Alt   Shift   W
Ctrl   Shift   Tab *

Alt   Shift   W
Move down through conversations
Ctrl   Tab *

Alt   Shift   S
Ctrl   Tab *

Alt   Shift   S
Open Create Conversation modal
Ctrl   T *

Alt   T
Cmd   T *

Alt   T
Search current conversation
Ctrl   F *

Alt   F
Cmd   F *

Alt   F
Edit message
Up arrow when focused on message field
Insert new line in the message field
Shift   Enter
Zoom in
Ctrl   +
Cmd   +
Zoom Out
Ctrl   -
Cmd   -
* Denotes shortcuts for desktop app only.
Note: You can tell which room is in focus by the blue bar on the left of the icons  Releasing all keys, you will be brought to the room/conversation in focus.

For more information, see:  Searching conversations and channels