Within Teamwork Chat, you will see additional options beside each message in your conversations and channels.

Hover over an individual message, and you will see these options on the far right.


You can react to individual messages in a conversation by clicking the reactions option to the right of the message.
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This option allows you to quote a message previously sent within chat. The message will be pasted in the message area with a > before it indicating its a quoted message. You can then send your own message beneath it.


Clicking the link icon generates a direct link to a message in the chat which is copied to your clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

You can also quickly copy a link to a message by clicking the timestamp above the message.

Once you click the timestamp or permalink, you will see an alert at the top of your Chat window letting you know the link has been copied to the clipboard.

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Anyone who clicks the pasted link will be brought directly to the individual message in the channel, as long as they have access to the channel.

Additional options

When you select the options button, if you posted the message, you will be presented with.

Note: Users are unable to edit or delete another users messages (except administrators). You can however create a task from another users message.

Creating a task

You can create a task within your Teamwork Projects site directly from a message in a Chat conversation or channel.

In the create task modal, you can choose a project and task list for the task. You can also assign the task to users on the project, add a description, set estimated time, and select a priority.

A link to the message the task is created from is automatically added to the task description, along with the user and the message content.

Editing a message

You can update your previously posted message to edit the message's content.

Where a message has been edited, you will see an Edited label next to the message. This is viewable to all users within the channel/conversation.

Deleting a message

Once a message is deleted, you have the option to undo for up to 10 seconds. After this point, the message is completely removed from the conversation view and cannot be restored.

If a message has been deleted, the ghost of that message will appear with a Message has been deleted to replace the original message posted.

For more information, see: Editing and deleting messages