Within Teamwork Chat you can create a new conversation or channel at any time.

Click the options (three dots) button near the top left of the Chat sidebar, where you can select to create a conversation or a channel, as well as browse existing channels.

Creating a conversation

When creating a conversation, you can send to a single or multiple users by typing in each handle in the message, along with the message text itself.

If the user you want to send the message to does not appear you can type their name or chat handle immediately after the @ and they will appear.

Creating a channel

When you select the create channel option, you can give the channel a title and description.

You can also associate the channel with an existing project on your Teamwork Projects site. This will automatically add all users from that project to the channel.

You can select users to be added from the users dropdown. Below the dropdown, you can also select whether you want new users to be added to the channel automatically in future.

A channel can be marked as private or public:

  • Private - only people who are added to the channel will be able to see it
  • Public - every Chat user can find and join the channel

Creating a conversation with an external company user

You can start a conversation with an external company user by @mentioning them in the Create a Conversation modal, like you would with an owner company user.

Alternatively, select the people tab at the top of the left sidebar, and use the company filter to switch to another company. Once you have selected the relevant company, click the user in the list to start a conversation.