Within Teamwork Projects, you may wish to change a task into a sub task.

You may do this if you've added tasks that you decide you would prefer to group under another task as subtasks.

You can change them quickly by either drag and drop, or using a keyboard shortcut.

Drag and drop

To convert a task to a subtask, just expand the main task by clicking the 'Subtask' icon and drag the other task under it:

To change a subtask to a main task, just grab the 'handle' icon to the left of the task details and drag it above the main task:

You can drag it above the main task to bring it up to the top level, and if you'd like to bring it back down to subtask level, just make sure you've expanded the task you want to move it under, and you can drag it there.

Note: If you grab and drag a task that has sub tasks under it, those sub tasks will be moved with it.

Keyboard shortcut

If you hover the mouse over a task and press the 'Tab' key on your keyboard, that will change a task to a subtask by indenting it - or shifting it down one level:

You can also hold 'Shift' at the same time as pressing 'Tab' to bring it back up a level, too.

For more information see: Bulk editing sub tasks