Within Teamwork Projects, you can update details of multiple subtasks under another task at once instead of editing them all individually.

In the Tasks area in your project, under the task options menu choose the 'Bulk Edit Subtasks' option:

You will see the following options, selecting the checkbox next to each one will show a link for you to choose the new setting for that option:

  • Reassign - choose the person (or people) you'd like to reassign the subtasks to
  • Start Date - choose a new start date 
  • Due Date - set a new due date
  • Progress - choose the new percentage of progress
  • Estimated TIme - add the estimated time in minutes
  • Priority - choose the new priority
  • Followers - choose who you want to be added as a follower on changes or comments
  • Change Creator - choose the person marked as the creator of the subtasks
  • Tags - add or remove tags on all subtasks
  • Set Column - choose a board column to add the tasks to 
At the bottom of the screen, you can choose to apply the new settings to all of the tasks on the list, or just those with particular start and due dates (for example 'late tasks' or 'tasks due today'), or currently assigned to a particular person (this includes tasks assigned to that person along with others).

For more information, see: Bulk editing tasks at project level