Within Teamwork Projects you can update details of multiple tasks across all task lists at once instead of editing them all individually.

In the Tasks area in your project, select the menu button to the top right (three dots) and select the 'Bulk Edit Tasks' option.

Note: If you have a filter applied when attempting to bulk edit tasks, it will only bulk edit those tasks found via the filter, not all tasks on a project.

You will then be presented with a window where you can select which tasks you wish to edit, once you have selected these, click Next.

Once you have selected the tasks you can now choose what element of the task you wish to change. Once your selection is complete click on the Green Update Tasks button. The available options are:

  • Reassign - Reassign task to a new user
  • Start Date - choose a new start date 
  • Due Date - set a new due date
  • Progress - choose the new percentage of progress
  • Estimated TIme - add the estimated time in minutes
  • Priority - choose the new priority
  • Followers - change the followers of the tasks
  • Change creator - change the name of the person who has created the task
  • Tags - add or remove tags 
  • Set column - set which column the task appears under within board view

When updating tasks you can also choose to update specific tasks belonging to a specific person to the bottom of the window.

Once you have selected your changes to make choose 'Update Tasks' to make the changes.

For more information see: Bulk edit subtasks