You find the link to your Teamwork Projects calendar at the top of the screen, which shows one month at a time, with today's date highlighted in yellow.

You can choose a different month, go to the next or previous month, or jump to the current month using the controls in the top left. In the top right, you can switch to a week or day view instead.

You can also click the link for the week number or the day of the month to jump straight to the week or day view:

In the main calendar area, you can see:

Events - shown on the day they are scheduled, or spanning multiple days:

  • Each event will be coloured (or show a coloured dot) to indicate the event type
  • The event name will be shown 
  • If you hover over any event, you'll see any other details that were  including the name, time, description, who’s attending, where it takes place, the type of event, who created the event, and the date created.
Milestones - shown on the date they are due 

Tasks - the total number of tasks will be shown on the calendar and you'll see the details when you hover over that. There are a few variances to the way the tasks will show:

  • Tasks with only a due date will show only on the day that they are due
  • Task with only a start date will show on each day until the task is completed
  • Tasks with a start and due date will show on each day until they reach the due date in week view
  • Tasks will only show in month view on their due date if there is one. 
  • Tasks with no start date or no due date will not show on the calendar


You can also use the filter in the top right to view events with specific criteria:
  • Event types
  • Projects
  • Person (attending)

Other options

If you click the options button in the top right of the calendar section you'll find:
  • iCal Feeds - use this option to generate a feed for your calendar you can add to any calendar system that supports adding a calendar by URL
  • Print - select from:
    • Agenda: list events in agenda format, select from the time frame you wish to view, and whether to include task tags 
    • Calendar (beta): generates a printable calendar view of your events 
  • Edit event types - to manage the event types (this option is only available to administrators in the owner company)