Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform that enables you to track your finances, manage invoices, and reconcile accounts.

Within Teamwork, you can export an invoice from a project as a Xero-compatible file.

Go to the Finance area of your project and select the Billing subsection.

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Select the relevant invoice from the left pane to view it. You can export open and completed invoices.

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While viewing the invoice, click the Export Invoice option in the bottom left.

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In the export modal, select Export to Xero file as the export option before clicking Export.

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Enter the customer name that will be used as a contact in Xero. You can also specify a date format and tax type here. The date format should be dd/mm/yyyy.

Click Generate File to download the file.

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Once your Xero compatible file (.CSV) is downloaded, go to your Xero account to import the invoice.

In the Sales overview area, select Import at the top of the screen.

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Locate your downloaded Teamwork invoice file and click Import.

You will have some additional options while completing the import:

  • Update contact address details?
    • Ignore all address details or update contacts with imported address details
  • Is the UnitAmount field tax inclusive or exclusive?
Xero also have some further information on invoice imports here.

For more information, see: Exporting an Invoice