Within Teamwork Projects, you can add a profile photo to your account to help your team to more easily identify who is performing actions on your project.

To add or update your profile photo on your account, click on your profile image to the top right of your projects site and choose Edit My Details from the dropdown menu.

Image Placeholder
Note: If you do not have a profile photo uploaded Teamwork Projects will automatically profile an image with the initials of your name. 

On the pop up modal choose the upload photo option to the right beneath the current image.

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You will now have an option to choose your image from the files on your computer.

Select Choose File and once you have picked your image it will appear within the profile circle frame.

Click on the green Select Image button to apply it to your profile.

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Note: If you already have an image uploaded you can choose the Remove option to revert back to your initials.

Once you have clicked Select Image, choose Update on the previous Edit My Details modal to save it to your account.