Within Teamwork, you can quickly view your own or another user's upcoming events directly in their profile.

To access a user's profile, go to the People section at the top of your screen.

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From there, select a user to view their profile. Alternatively, you can click on a team member’s name in the Activity view or select their name in a chat message to access their user profile.

In the profile view, select the Events tab.

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The events section shows a list of upcoming events the chosen user is attending, sorted by date.

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To create a new event, select Add Event in the top right of the view.

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For each listed event, you will see the time it is scheduled for, name, and event type.

On the far right, there will be a count of the attendees for the event. Hover over this to see the list of people.

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The options (three dots) button gives you additional options for the event. You can:

  • Edit the event to change when it is occurring, the details, privacy, attendees and reminders for the event.
  • Delete the event.
  • Modify the event properties to change the event creator along with the date and time the event was created.
  • Copy a link to the event.

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Selecting an event name will open a quick view with the event's details and attendees. Select the Edit Event button in the top right to make changes.

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Filtering options

The filters pane on the right allows you to filter the events list by:

  • Keyword
  • Event types
  • Date
  • Project
For more information, see: Viewing All Your Items in Your Profile