Microsoft Project is a project and portfolio management solution that enables you to develop schedules, assign resources, and track progress.

Within Microsoft Project, you can import and export projects using the Microsoft Project add-in.

Note: The Microsoft Project add-in is available on per-user Premium/Grow plans and above, as well as certain legacy plans. It is only available for Windows.

To use the Microsoft Project add-in, you will first need to install the Teamwork MS Office integration.

Importing a project to MS Project
In Microsoft Project, Select Import from Teamwork from the Teamwork ribbon and chose your project from the project dropdown menu.
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You will also have the option to include completed tasks. 

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Once complete, your tasks will be imported into Microsoft Project. 

Exporting an existing project from MS Project to Teamwork

Select Export to Teamwork from the Teamwork ribbon. 

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You can choose to export an existing project via the project dropdown menu.

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After you selected the project you would like to use, you have three options on how to add your tasks to that project:
  • Add tasks to this existing task list  will add all your tasks below the selected task list
  • Use first level tasks as task lists - will add all your tasks on the first level as task lists
  • Add a new task list - will add a new task list with the MS Project filename or project name

Exporting a new project from MS Project to Teamwork

Select Export to Teamwork from the Teamwork ribbon. 

To create a new project, choose New Project to the right of the Project field. 

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If you want to create a new project you need to make a few basic settings first. Give your Project a Name, chose start and end dates and the company the project is for. You also have the option to upload the document you are currently working on to your project. 

Further options include: 

  • People - Add users to your project
  • Category - Choose a project category 
  • Tag(s) - Add Tag(s) to your project 

Click Add Project to create your new project. You can then select this project from the Project selection dropdown menu. 

Updating an existing project

Once you have imported or exported a project, you will connected to that project via MS Project. If you make changes in MS Project, you can update your project in Teamwork via the Update project option on the Teamwork ribbon. 
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Disconnecting a Project 
Before disconnecting, please save your MS Project file as we need to save the references to Teamwork. 
To open your currently connected project in Teamwork, select the Teamwork Project icon Connected to Project. This will open the project in a new browser tab. 
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To disconnect, select Disconnect Project from the Teamwork ribbon. 

You will need to confirm your disconnect, as the ability to push further changes to Teamwork will not be possible once removed. 

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Column Mapping

When importing or exporting data from MS Project to Teamwork, we need to assign columns in MS Project to values in Teamwork. 

If you want to know where each value of your task goes to or what columns we are able to import, have a look at the list below.

Note: MPP files containing blank rows between tasks will result in upload failure. You will need to remove any blank rows from your file before uploading.
Column in MS Project
Value in Teamwork
FileName // Project Name
Project Settings → Start
Start Date
Project Settings → Finish
End Date
Project Settings → Description
Task List
*When setting first level tasks as task list
Task Name
Task Notes 
Task Name
Task Notes
Task Start
Start Date
Also sets Baseline Start when importing
Task Finish
Due Date
Also sets Baseline Finish when importing
Physical % Complete
Completed tasks
Show completed tasks
% Work Completed
This depends on your working days in you localization settings. (length of day * amount of days set in the Work column in Microsoft Project)
Add comma separated tags
If the WBS column is referenced in the MS Project file, the WBS will be prepended to the task list name that is posted to Teamwork.
Text20 will contain task ID after task was created
Assigned Resources
*see Resources
Task Hyperlink
Will contain a link to the task after import
Display Name
User Name
Email Address
Default Rate
Default Rate
For more information, see: Integration Options