Within Teamwork Projects, you can make a user an observer on a particular project.

When you make someone an observer, they can access and interact with that project like anyone else. 

Note: Only site administrators or users with permission to manage people and companies can make someone an observer on a project.

There are a few notable exceptions to this:

  • If an observer comments on an item, their name and company will be visible to everyone within the comment details and comment chain.
  • If the observer is assigned as the task assignee, time log assignee, or milestone assignee, they will be visible to any people in external companies who can see those items on the project.
  • Finally, if an observer is added to a Project Role, they will then be visible to any people in external companies who can see those roles.
People in the owner company will be able to see observers in order to assign tasks to them, and in the notifications area they can use the switch to show observers in the list.

Note: Only users can be made observers. It is not possible to make a collaborator an observer. 

For example, when you click the Select People option to notify of a comment, you can toggle on/off the observers switch in the top right.

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Note: Observers are not visible to people in external companies. Therefore they cannot assign them tasks or to select them for notifications.

For more information, see: Adding observers to a project