Within Teamwork.com, you can use projects as central hubs to manage all of the components relating to what your team are working on.

You can leverage a range of features such as tasks, milestones, messages, notebooks, and files, to build out and track work. 

As per the hierarchy of information in Teamwork.com, you move towards project completion by working through and completing each of these components, starting from the lowest level of subtasks (if created) through to milestones.

To view the projects list view, select the Projects option in the main navigation menu on the left of your site and go to the List subsection.

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Using the view dropdown in the top right, you can switch between list and grid as your projects view preference.

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When List is selected, each project will be listed on a separate row, with each related project property shown in different columns. 

Depending on your profile permissions, you can add new projects via the Add Project button at the top of the view.

Clicking a project name will bring you directly to that project so you can work with the items in it.

In grid view, the projects will be displayed as cards with the project information in the About tab. You can also use the Insights tab on a card to see metrics relating to task completion and time on the project.

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On the left-hand side of both list and grid view, you will see any project categories that have been created on your site. Selecting a category will update the list/grid view to show only projects within that category.

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For more information, see: Getting Started