Within Teamwork Projects, you can use categories to organize your projects into different groups.

You can manage the project categories for your site in the Categories pane on the left hand side of the Projects area:

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For each category in the list you will see a count of the number of items it holds. When you have main categories with sub-categories, this number will change depending on:

  • When the sub-categories are collapsed/hidden, the top-level category count reflects any items in the main category, plus items items in any sub-categories.
  • When the sub-categories are expanded/visible, only the items directly in the main category are included in its count, excluding sub-category items. Each sub-category has its own item count.
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The number in the All Projects category will change to reflect the status tab (active, archived etc.) you are currently viewing.

For example, if you are viewing the Late tab and you have 3 late projects, the All Projects category will have a count of 3.

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If you hover over an existing category name, or the Categories header, you will see an option to manage the categories. Click this to edit existing categories, or to create new ones.

In the Project Categories modal, you will see the folder icon for each category color coded based on the color assigned to each one.

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Once you have assigned a color to a category, you will also see that color label to the left of the category name in the Categories list.

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Adding a new project category

To add a new project category, click the Add Category option in the mange categories modal.

When adding a new category, you will need to choose a name for the category. You also have an option to specify a color for the category using the color picker dropdown to the right of the category name:

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You can have the category at top-level, or check the Nest Category Under option to specify a parent category to add it to.

Adding a project to a category

Within the Projects area of your site, you can add a project to a category simply by dragging and dropping the project over the category name in the panel on the left.

You can also change a project's category in the General section of the project's Settings area. You can choose an existing category to add the project to, or select Manage Categories to create a new one:

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For more information, see: Changing a project category