Within the Teamwork.com Chrome extension, you can add new tasks to projects in your associated Teamwork.com site.

Once the Chrome extension has been installed, you can access this via your Chrome browser navigation bar in the top right.

To create a task, select New Task from the extension dropdown.

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The Create a Task modal will allow you to:

  • Choose a project or create a new project
  • Choose a task list or create a new task list
  • Add a task name and select a parent task
  • Assign to a user
    • Notify users
    • Choose start and end date
  • Include a link to the current page

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Adding a description

You can insert text from the page you are viewing using the Insert Text option.

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This will allow you to highlight text to add to your task description.

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The privacy option allows you to choose who can see the task either at a company level or user level from the dropdown list provided.

A priority indicator can be assigned to your task. The options available include None, low, Medium and High.

Estimated Time
You can add estimated time to your task, in hours and minutes.

The follower function allows you to add users to follow this particular task. You can select the users from the drop down list and choose what notifications the user should receive.

Board column
Assigning a Board column to your task will add your task to the relevant board in Board view on your project.

Take Screenshot

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The Take Screenshot function provides 3 options:

  • Take Screenshot - Takes a capture of the full page you are viewing.
  • Select Area - Choose a specific area of the screen to be captured.
  • Desktop - Select your entire screen or an open application window to capture.
Once your screenshot has been captured, you can select Edit Screenshot to edit the image.

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To create your task, click the blue Create Task button at the bottom of the modal.

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