Within Teamwork, you can create and edit tasks in board view.

Each existing task card has a quick edit pencil that becomes visible when you hover over the card.

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The card will expand to edit mode where you can update the task properties.

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Task property options:

  • Associated task list
  • Assignee
  • Dates
  • Priority
  • Progress
  • Tags
  • Estimated time

Using shortcodes

You can also quickly assign certain task properties using shortcodes in the task name field when creating or editing a task card in board view. 

When you type a supported shortcode, a dropdown will open allowing you to select a corresponding value.

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Click Save to create or update the task card.

Supported shortcode options:

  • # - Tag
  • ! - Priority
  • @ - Assignee
  • [ - Dates
  • ~ - Estimated time

Quick view

You can also access full edit mode while remaining in board view by clicking  a card. This will open a task details quick view on the right hand side.

In the quick view, you will see the task displayed as it would in list view, with an edit task option in the top right corner. You can also hover over the task to reveal the edit pencil.

When you select edit task in quick view, you will be able to edit all properties of the task as you would in list view.

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For more information, see: Working with Files in Board View