Within Teamwork Projects, you can interact with your projects directly from Microsoft Publisher.

To use the Publisher add-in, you will first need to install the Teamwork Projects MS Office integration.

Getting started with the Publisher add-in

When you open Microsoft Publisher once the integration has been enabled, you will see Teamwork has been added as a tab in the ribbon menu. Click the Teamwork tab to see the Teamwork Projects options available to you:

The options are as follows:

  • Open Teamwork Projects 
  • Add Project
  • Add Task List 
  • Add Task
  • Log Time
  • Add Notebook
  • Add Message 
  • Update Status
  • Add Link
  • Start Timer 

Opening Teamwork Projects

Selecting the Open Teamwork Projects option opens a larger tile view in a new panel outside of Publisher:

Adding a project

When you select Add Project from the ribbon, you will be able to add a name for the new project, as well as a description, and select a company for the project to belong to:

In the Dates tab, you can set the start and end dates for the project:

In the Advanced tab, you can select a project category, add tags, and attach the current worksheet as an attachment:

Adding a task list

When adding a task list, you can add a name and description, and set privacy for who can see the list.

You can also use the template option to import a task list from your task templates.

Adding a task

When adding a task, you can select a project and task list you want to add the task to. You also have options here to create a new project or task list.

As well as adding a name for the task, you can also select whether the new task needs to be a subtask. You will then be able to choose what parent task you would like to add it to. 

Like in Teamwork Projects, you can also set:

  • Who and when - Select users to assign to the task, whether to notify, and set task start and end dates
  • Description - Add a task description
  • Privacy - Set privacy so the task is only accessible to certain users
  • Attach a file - Add a file to the task
  • Progress and time - Set % progress of the task, and any logged time
  • Priority - Set a priority for the task
  • Add a tag - Include any relevant tags on the task

Uploading the current file

You can also upload the current publication you are working on, to a project on your site.

Note: You will need to save the file before trying to upload it to the project. Once saved, select 'Upload current file' from the Teamwork tab of the ribbon menu:

Here you can:

  • Choose which project you want to add the file to
  • Upload new version to an existing file
  • Add a description for the file
  • Select users to notify
  • Set privacy on the file
  • Select a category to add the file to

Logging time
You can log time to a project or a specific task in a project as you work on your publication. When you select the Log Time option from the ribbon, you can select which project the time should be logged to, and choose a task within the project if you wish. 

When you select the 'Choose a Task' box, you will then need to select a task list, and whether the task should be marked as complete.

Other task options:

  • Set a specific start date for the task, or use today's date
    • By default, the start date will be the current date
  • Set a start time for the task
    • By default, the start time will be the current time
  • Set a duration for the task, in hours and minutes
  • Choose whether the time is billable
  • Add a description for the time log
  • Add tag(s)

Adding a notebook

When you select the Add Notebook option from the ribbon, you will be able to select which project to add the notebook to, as well as give the notebook a name:

In the Content tab, you can add the content you want to include in the notebook.

In the Settings tab, you can:

  • Choose who to notify
  • Add tag(s)
  • Set privacy for the notebook
  • Select a category to add the notebook to

Adding a message

You can also create a new message on one of your projects.

When you select the Add Message option from the ribbon, you will be required to choose a project. You will then also be able to add a message subject, and the content of your message:

You can also:

  • Add the current active spreadsheet you are working on as an attachment to the message
  • Select who to notify
  • Add tag(s)
  • Choose a category to add the message to
  • Set privacy on the message

Updating your status

When you select Update Status from the ribbon, you will be able to add a new status to your Teamwork Projects profile, and choose whether to notify people in your company of the update:

Adding a link

This option allows you to add a link directly to the project. When you select the Add Link option from the ribbon, you can select which project to add the link to, add a title and description, as well as the link URL:

You can also:

  • Choose whether the link should open in a new window
  • Select users to notify
  • Choose a category for the link to be added to
  • Set privacy for the link

Starting a timer

You can start a new timer by clicking the 'Start Timer' button to the right of the Teamwork tab in the ribbon menu. This option allows you to start a manual timer as you work on your publication and then log that time on a project of your choosing.

When a timer is running, you will have the option to stop and pause the timer, as well as log the time:

When you select 'Log Time', you can log your time to a specific project or task. Alternatively, you can discard the time entry completely.

For more information, see: Installing the MS Office integration