Within Teamwork, you can export invoices from your projects to Blinksale Classic.

Note: This integration is available on per-user Deliver subscriptions and above, and is compatible only with Blinksale Classic.

To do this, go to the Finance area of your project and select the Billing subsection.

Select the relevant invoice from the left pane to view it.

You can choose to export both open and completed invoices.

While viewing the invoice, click the Export Invoice option in the bottom left of the invoice.

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In the export modal, select Export to Blinksale and click Export.

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The first time you do this, you will be prompted to log in to your Blinksale account.

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You can choose a company to associate the invoice to, and set the number of days for the payment due.

When you have completed the export, your invoice will be available to select within your Blinksale account, ready for you to send to customers.

For more information, see: Integration Options