Within Teamwork CRM, each product, service, or offering your company is selling can be added to your CRM site as a product.

Each product can be added to the Products area of your site. 

Prices can be added to each product which helps determine the total value of the leads and opportunities that come in based on their interests.

  • An individual product can have multiple prices associated with it.
    • You can use different currencies for each price, but each currency can only be used once per product.
You can upload any relevant files to your products, such as contract forms or instruction manuals.

Once your products have been created, you can then add the relevant product(s) to your leads and opportunities during the sales process.

When managing your products, you have the option to deactivate. Deactivating the product allows you to make it unavailable temporarily, with the option to reactivate in the future.

As an example, you may have a product that is currently out of stock. Users will not be able to associate the product with leads or opportunities unless it is reactivated.

For more information, see: Adding a product