Within Teamwork Projects, you can choose to set default projects that new users will be added to automatically.

When you choose to set a default project, any new users will be added to that project based on the conditions you set which are covered below.

To set the default, click on your profile image to the top right of your Teamwork site, and choose 'Settings' from the dropdown:

Note: Only a site owner or site admin can access the site settings above.

From the Settings area, go to the Templates tab:

Within the Templates section, you will have an option for 'Default Projects,' where you can edit which projects new users are added to for both the owner company and external companies:

When setting a default there are three options available:

  • Not a default: New users will not be automatically added to these projects.
  • Owner company: New users in the the owner company will be added to these projects.
  • Any company: All new users be they owner or external companies will be added to these projects.
There is also an option to search projects on your site. This will remove any projects that do not match your search.

Once you have set the defaults for each company/project you can choose 'Finished' to apply your changes.