Within Teamwork Projects, you can import projects from Basecamp into your Teamwork Projects site.

You can import from Basecamp Classic (also know as Basecamp 1), Basecamp 2, and Basecamp 3.

The importer supports any version of Basecamp.

To start an import:

  • In the 'Settings' menu in the top right of your screen, choose 'Import'
  • In the 'Basecamp Import' area of that screen, select 'Import':

  • When prompted, enter your Basecamp URL and login details
When you start the import, after you've added your Basecamp address, your login details and allow access, you can then choose what account to use and what you'd like to import:

  • All people, or just those users who are in the projects you choose to import
  • All projects, or skip some
  • All items within the projects, or just some (tasks/notebooks/files/messages/events)

You can either wait for the import to finish or close the window and be you will be emailed with an update as soon as the import is complete.

If you have already imported a project from Basecamp you can choose to reimport the project however please note that if you choose to do this it will overwrite the previous import and any changes that you have made since the initial import:

If you choose the 'update' option then the project will be imported from basecamp but the existing import will not be overwritten and changes you have made will remain. Only new project items added in Basecamp will be imported to the project in Teamwork.

Note: The activity on your projects in Basecamp won't show up on your dashboard activity stream or the overview for each project. You'll just see changes made to the content once you've imported it in these areas.

Note: In order to import Basecamp projects to Teamwork Projects, you will need to ensure you have an active subscription on your Basecamp account. The reason for this is Basecamp is no longer allowing API access on suspended accounts.