Create a new notebook in the notebooks area of a project by using the 'Add a Notebook' button in the top right.

Give your notebook a title, a description (optional), and add your content to the main body of the notebook area. You can use the editor to format your text, or insert links, tables or images:

At the bottom of the editing screen you'll see more options:

Notify by email - you can choose to add anyone on the project as a follower to notify them of creation and further updates to the notebook by clicking the button with the mail icon under Notify by email. You can add people to the followers screen individually by selecting the green box next to their name or by company in bulk by using the All link next to the company name or remove them using None link.

Category - you can add a notebook to an existing category or create a new category directly by using the link at the bottom of the categories popup box. If you do not set a category, the notebook will default into the No category section.

Privacy - you can choose to make the notebook visible to everyone on the project, to all members of the project from a particular company, or to individual people on the project. (Note - owner company administrators can see all content even when they are excluded in the privacy settings.)

Click on the Create Notebook button to save the notebook when you are happy with it or 'Cancel' to discard it.

Note - the character limit for notebooks is 65000.