You can quickly add new tasks in Teamwork Projects no matter which part of your site that you're currently in, by using the Quick Add button in the top right above the search bar:

You can click the 'Add Task' option, or to speed things up even more press 'Q' on your keyboard to bring up the menu then press 'T'.

When you choose to add a task in this menu, you'll need to pick which project and which task list you want to add it to first, then you can add tasks to that task list directly in the quick add task window - all without leaving the screen you were viewing:

You can also add subtasks to a task, by entering the subtasks directly below main task and placing a # with no spaces in front of the subtask name, as shown in the below example:

Adding task details

You can use shortcodes to set the details of the task from here, these are the same as the commands you can use when you create a task via email, such as:


  • ! = Low Priority
  • !! = Medium Priority
  • !!! = High Priority

  • @username
Due date:

  • [22/03/2012] (use the date format that you have set in your profile localisation options)
  • [today]
  • [next week]
  • [friday]
Start date (by including two dates, the first will be set as the start date and the second will be the due date):

  • [today] [next monday] - This task will start today and is due next week
  • [22/12/2015] [16/12/2015] - Start on 16th Dec and will be due 22nd Dec

  • #tag1
  • #tag1 #tag2 #tag3 

Adding tasks from selected text: 

By selecting any text within a project- a comment on a task or in a message, by pressing “q” and “t” or click on quick add > tasks, it will then use that text as the names for new tasks

A walkthrough of how to add tasks from selected text