You can create shortcuts so that you can easily access any item or area within your Teamwork Projects site (available on the Small Office plan and higher).
To create a new shortcut, use the 'Quick Add' menu at the top right of your screen and choose 'Add Shortcut' - or press the “+” key on any page.

Choose a name for your shortcut so you'll remember what it is, and if you'd like to make sure the shortcut stays at the top of your list you can also enable the 'Pin this item' option:


Accessing  your shortcuts list

To see your shortcuts, click your profile image in the top right of the screen and in the menu choose 'My Shortcuts' - or use the keyboard shortcut 'Shift+ s'.
Shortcuts are grouped by feature, based on the type of item you've saved - for example a task, a task list, a message, milestone, file or notebook.
Shortcuts in the 'Project' section are the ones that point to an area within your project rather than a specific item, like 'Overview' or the 'Files' section. 
Shortcuts in the 'Page' section are based on direct links to the 'Dashboard', 'Everything', 'Projects', 'Calendar', 'Statuses' and 'People' tabs.

When viewing your list of shortcuts, the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard allows you to navigate through shortcuts, and pressing 'Enter' brings you to that specific page.