Within Teamwork Projects, you can see details of all the updates in that project on items you have access to, in the overview area of each project.

The most recent activity is displayed at the top.

The activity stream will include:

  • Tasks: Added/Edited/Completed/Re-opened
  • Milestones: Added/Edited/Completed/Re-opened
  • Messages: Added / Edited
  • Files: Added/ Edited
  • Notebooks: Added/ Edited
  • Billing: Invoices Created/Closed/Re-opened
  • Links: Added/Edited
  • All comments that have been added/edited on these items.
If you click on any item mentioned in the activity stream, you will go to the detail screen for that specific item. Alternatively, you can see a 'quick view' of the item details if you press ā€œVā€ while your cursor is hovered over the activity. Note: This won't work for invoices.