Within Teamwork, you can manage the workload and capacity of individual users via the workload area.

Note: Capacity management is only available on per-user Premium plans and above.

Go to the Planning area of your site and select the Workload tab.

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In the Workload view, select the Overview subsection.

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In the top right, click the sort button and choose a sort preference from the dropdown menu.

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When sorting by user, you will see an additional total capacity column to the right of each user.

Hover over the capacity for an individual and select Manage User Workload.

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In the capacity management view, you will be directed to the user you selected to manage and the list of tasks currently assigned to them for the chosen time frame.

Note: Tasks without estimated time will not be shown.

You can easily switch between individual users and teams by clicking individuals in the people sidebar on the left.

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Clicking a task will open a task details quick view on the right of the screen.

At the top of the tasks list, you will see a note indicating the conditions that are displaying the tasks.

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People filtering

You can filter the list of users included in the people list by selecting the filters icon at the top of the left sidebar.

Options include filtering to members of specific companies or projects, or only those with remaining capacity.

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Tasks filtering

The tasks displayed for each individual user can be filtered using the main filters pane. Click the blue Filters button in the top right to open the filters pane.

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Filter options include keyword, date, project, and tags.

Additional options include:

  • Include tasks due anytime - filter will show tasks that are due anytime in the future or past.
  • Distribute estimated time -  if a task is assigned to multiple people this will distribute the time across these users.
  • Pro-rata estimated time - if you have a task with a start and due date outside of your filter date then the time will be spread over than range.
  • Include logged time in remaining capacity - this will take into account any time already logged on tasks when calculating the remaining capacity. 


Sorting options can be found at the top of the list of tasks. You can sort by project, start date, end date, or estimated time.

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For more information, see: Managing a User's Workload