Within Teamwork, you can view a user's capacity per day over a selected time frame using the Workload Planner. 

This article relates to a legacy version of the Workload Planner feature and is available on per-user Premium/Grow subscriptions and above. This version will shortly be retired.

You can read about the new version of the Workload Planner here.

Click the More option in the main navigation menu on the left of your site and select Planning from the pop-out menu. In the Planning area, go to the Workload tab.

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During this early release period for the enhanced Workload Planner, accounts with the legacy version of Workload can switch between the legacy and new versions using the toggle at the top of the Workload view.

The planner section gives you a breakdown, per day, of each user's individual workload versus their capacity.

Users are indicated as being over or under capacity based on color. A user that is under capacity will be indicated in blue, whereas a user over capacity for the day will be red.

  • The number displayed on each day is the total estimated time for that date for that particular user.
Users are considered over capacity when their total estimated time for that day exceed their assigned working hours. Over capacity days for a user will be highlighted in red.

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When tasks fall on a user's non-working days, the over capacity highlight will display in a darker red color.

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To take a users logged time into account when calculating their remaining estimated time, you can check the filter option Include logged time in remaining capacity

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Click an individual day for a user to view their assigned tasks in a quick view pane. In the quick view, you can edit and reassign their associated tasks. Hover over the task to reveal the edit pencil icon to the left of the task.

Note: Only tasks you have access to view will be displayed. The ability to edit these tasks is dependent on your permissions.

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Time frame 

Dates are displayed along the top of the Workload Planner view.

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You can amend the time frame shown using the dropdown menu in the top right corner. Once you have selected a default time frame (7 days, 30 days, etc.), you can use the arrows to page through the next time period.

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When selecting a time frame greater than 7 days, a scroll bar at he bottom of the planner will allow you to move through the dates. 

People filtering

You can filter the list of users included in the people list by selecting the filters icon at the top of the left sidebar. Options include members of specific companies, projects, or teams. You can also sort based on name or company in ascending or descending order.

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To remove a filter, select Clear Filter from the bottom of the filter pane. 

Tasks filtering

The tasks displayed for each individual user can be filtered using the main filters pane. Click the filters button in the top right of the Planner area to open the advanced filters pane.

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You can filter by keyword, project, assigned to, and tags. Additional options include: 

  • Include tasks due anytime - filter will show tasks that are due anytime in the future or past.
  • Distribute estimated time -  if a task is assigned to multiple people this will distribute the time across these users.
  • Pro-rata estimated time - if you have a task with a start and due date outside of your filter date then the time will be spread over than range.
  • Include logged time in remaining capacity - this will take into account any time already logged on tasks when calculating the remaining capacity.
  • Include completed tasks in calculations.

For more information, see: Managing a User's Workload