Within Teamwork, you can manage access to the Portfolio feature via user profile permissions.

Only site administrators in the owner company and users with the Can this user manage the projects portfolio permission can create new boards and add columns.

Note: Collaborators and client users do not have access to Portfolio view.

Owner company

Owner company users will have view access to the portfolio by default. To allow a user to manage the portfolio boards, you will need to enable this permission via the user's profile permissions.

  • User with the manage portfolio permission, and permission to manage people, can grant other users permission to view and manage the portfolio.

External company

Users in companies other than the owner company can be given permissions to access and manage project portfolios.

In the People area of your site, hover over the user you want to update and select the edit pencil to the right.

Go to the Permissions tab of the user details modal, where you will see an option to enable Can this user access the projects portfolio.

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If you enable Portfolio view access for the external company user, a second option will appear to give them the option to also manage the projects portfolio.

Manage Portfolio permission

The Can this user manage the projects portfolio permission allows users to create new boards, add new columns, and edit column settings such as column name, color, and triggers.

Note: Only project administrators and above can add projects to a board column, or move projects between columns.

Privacy settings on Portfolio boards

An additional feature on Enterprise subscription plans allows you to set privacy on individual Portfolio boards.

If a user has permission to access the projects portfolio, they will see boards that contain projects they have access to.

  • Private boards can only be viewed by the users included in the board's privacy settings.
  • If a board doesn't contain any projects they are a member of, it will not be visible.
Site administrators will see all boards regardless of privacy settings.

For more information, see: Using Portfolio Boards