Within Teamwork, you can choose which information shows on the columns you have created in your Portfolio.

Select the dropdown arrow to the right of the column name and then select Column settings.

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A quick view panel will open with various settings and customization options to choose from.

At the top of the quick view, you will see a section for triggers. You can add triggers to columns in your Portfolio to automatically update project properties when projects are moved between board columns.

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The column sorting section allows you to customize the order in which projects in the columns should be displayed.

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You will also see an option to choose which information will show on the column projects.

  • Minimal - shows the project name, whether it is starred, and the project's progress to completion.
  • Default - shows the project name, whether it is starred, category, start/end date, and project owner.
  • Custom - choose which individual details to show.
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Column settings are set on a per-column basis and can be different across columns within the same board.

For more information, see: Using Portfolio Boards