Within Teamwork, you can manage the workloads of individual users by redistributing their tasks.

Note: User workload management is only available on per-user Premium plans and above.

In the Everything area of your site, select the Workload subsection

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The workload gives you an overview of your site's resource allocation based on estimated time on tasks.

  • Tasks will only appear in the workload if they have estimated time set, and are within the date range set by the filter.
You can view a total of how many hours are allocated over a chosen time period, per person, project, or company.

In the Workload area, go to the Overview tab and select User as the sort option in the top right.

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When sorting by user, you will see a total capacity column on the right including a visual bar representation of each user's workload.

Each user's capacity is based on their working hours set in their profile settings versus the total estimated time on tasks assigned to them in the selected time frame in the workload.

  • A user is considered over capacity when their capacity percentage exceeds 100%. The capacity bar will also turn red.
Hover over the capacity bar for the relevant user and select Manage User Workload

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When you select the manage option, a new view will open within the workload overview detailing the user's currently assigned tasks for the period.

To reassign a task to another user, hover over the task in the list view to reveal the move icon. Click and drag this icon and drop it on the name of the user in the left pane you want to reassign the task to.

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As you are moving a task, you will also see an Unassign task option at the top of the list of people. This allows you to unassign the task completely rather than reassigning it to another user.

When you reassign the tasks, the affected users' capacity hours and percentage will automatically update.

If the user you are trying to reassign the task to is not currently a member of the associated project, you will be shown a confirmation modal. You can either add the user to that project or cancel the reassignment of the task.

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