Within Teamwork, you can filter time entries that have been logged on project items.

When filtering time, it will first be filtered based on the task name. Secondary sorting based on parent task names will then apply. This helps to group tasks with the same title together.

In the Everything area of your site, go to the Time tab.

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Click the filters button in the top right to open the filters pane.

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You can filter the results to time logged on any project, specific projects, or based on the company associated with the projects.

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Additionally, you can filter further by project status (active, late, etc.), and choose to include archived projects or only show starred projects.


When filtering by people, you can choose to filter by users or company.

  • Choose specific users and view the time they have logged across all companies.
  • When you filter by company you will see all time logged by all users on that company.

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Additional options:

  • Include deleted users - show deleted users in the Choose users/companies dropdown.


Choose to see results based on when time was logged using the default timeframes.

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You can also set a custom date range or a within_days timeframe.


When filtering by tags, you can choose to view:

  • Time logs with the chosen tags assigned to them
  • Time logged on tasks that include the chosen tags.

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When multiple tags are selected, you can use the Match all tags option to only return results containing all of those tags.


View billable or non billable time logs. You can also view both at once.

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Show time logs that have already been invoiced, non invoiced time, or both.

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Show / Hide Columns 

Choose whether to show all columns in the Time area, or set a custom set of columns.

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When the custom columns option is selected, you will be able to check and uncheck the columns to customize your view.

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You can also drag and drop the various areas of the filter to change the order.

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Saving filters

You can choose to save any filter you have created for use at a later time. This will then appear within the Saved Filters section of filter right pane.

You can also change quickly between saved filters by clicking on the filter name to the top of the page.

Note: Only users on paid subscriptions can save filters.

For more information, see: Filtering