Within Teamwork Projects, you can set up some projects that you would like to use as templates for future projects.

Using the copy project feature, you can create new projects as a copy of those templates, rather than new blank projects.

Template tips

  • Name the project [Template] My Project Name so it's easy to identify as a template project
  • Create a project category to keep them all together and not listed along with your other projects
  • Archive the template project, so that:
    • Milestones and tasks will not show up in your Late or Upcoming areas
    • It doesn't count towards the active project limit for your subscription
    • It cannot be edited without re-activating, preventing changes by mistake
      Tasks and milestones won't be shown in any reports
Creating a new project from an existing project

Open the project you want to copy, and go to the project's Overview tab.

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In the Overview section, click the options (three dots) button in the top right corner, and select Copy from the Manage Project tab.

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In the copy modal, select copy from the dropdown.

You can add a name for your new project, and you can also select which items you want to include in the new project.

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In the options tab, you can also choose how to manage the dates of project items, and whether to include comments, roles and uncomplete tasks and milestones.

When your new project is created, all items from the existing project will be created and offset by the correct number of days from the project creation date.

For more information, see: Copying an archived project