Within Teamwork Projects, the Milestones section under the Everything area shows you all milestones across all of your projects.

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It has many of the same features as the milestones section of a project. You can complete milestones, edit their details and adjust dates from this view.

You can use the advanced filters pane on the right hand side to filter the list of milestones by keyword, assigned user(s) or tags etc.

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Milestones are shown in four sections, where you can see milestones across all projects which are:

All - view all milestones across your projects
Upcoming - here you will see active (incomplete) milestones with a due date in the future
Late - this includes active milestones with a due date that has passed
Completed - lists milestones that have been marked as complete

You can also see a section for a calendar view where you can drag and drop milestones in the calendar to reschedule them.

There is an Export button to the upper right where you can export a list of your Milestones to PDF, Excel, or a iCal feed to an external calendar. 

For more information see: Everything section - All options