Within Teamwork Projects, you can do advanced search queries using boolean operators such as AND/OR, brackets and quotes around strings to match phrases.

For example: (animals AND ("kittens" NOT "snakes")) OR (chocolate OR "cotton candy")

You can also search for all items (of all types) with a particular tag by using #tagname in the search field.

If you know the ID of a project, task or other item in your site (you can see the task ID in the column on the left of the task details screen, and you can see the ID of other items in the URL for the individual item page) then you can enter the ID in the search field to see a link straight to that item.

If you'd like to search only for a particular type of item (for example a notebook or a task), you can click in the search box to bring up a list and choose one type of item from that list, then type your search term:

The results that show automatically will only be items of that type.

For more information, see: Using the Teamwork Projects search bar