Within Teamwork Projects, the invoices for your subscription will automatically use the address details set in the owner company of the site.

Note: To update the invoice address on per-user pricing plans such as Pro and Premium, you will need to instead update your payment details in your subscription settings.

To update these, go to the People tab at the top of your site. 

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From there, select the Companies section.

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The owner company is identified by a green Owner tag. When you select the owner company to view the details, you will see an edit pencil icon on the right.

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Clicking this allows you to update the name and address of your company which is shown on the invoices.

Note: This will update the company details for invoices going forward. It is not possible to update existing invoices.

Tax number and other payment details need to be updated through the Subscription area of the site settings.

For more information see: Updating your payment details