Slack is a business communications platform that enables you to stay connected with your team.

Within Slack, you can use slash commands to link projects from your Teamwork site and receive updates via Slack channels.

The /tw project command connects a Slack channel to one of your Teamwork projects. Once set up, all project updates will be posted as messages in the channel.

Note: These messages will contain task and project information. All members of the selected channel will be able to see these messages regardless of their user permissions and project access in Teamwork.

Only owner company site administrators of your Teamwork site as well as project administrators can use this command to set up the sync.

In the relevant channel, type the /tw project command in the message reply area and click send.

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A message will appear in the channel asking you to choose a project. Click Set Project to proceed.

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In the Project Notifications modal, use the Project dropdown to select from your existing Teamwork projects. Click Save to update the channel.

Note: Any members of the Slack channel will have visibility over task and project details being posted as part of the message updates being synced from Teamwork.

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An additional message will appear in the channel alerting you that the project channel has been set up successfully.

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Each time an action is taken on the project within Teamwork, a corresponding update will be posted in the selected channel.

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Managing project channels

If the Slack channel you post the /tw project command to already has a project linked, you will be notified in the channel.

This message gives you options to either change the project associated with the channel or remove the current project.

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For more information, see: Enabling the Slack Integration