Within Teamwork, you can see a list of all the projects you are a member of in the site-level Projects tab.

Go to the Projects area of your site and select the List subsection.

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Note: Site administrators will be able to see all projects in the site, even if they aren't a member.

As well as viewing a list of your projects, you can also add a new project using the Add Project button on the right.

You can also use the options button (three dots) to generate an activity report, access the project trash can to recover deleted projects, or export a list of your projects.

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Project status sections

You will see projects listed in different sections, based on their status. If you have no projects that fall within a particular status, that status tab will not be shown.

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  • Active - this will include everything except archived projects
  • Starred - if you've highlighted the star icon next to any of your active projects, you'll see them listed here
  • Current - projects that haven't reached their end date and haven't been marked as complete
  • Late - projects that have an end date in the past, haven't been marked as complete and still have active items
  • Upcoming - projects that have a start date set in the future. 
  • Completed -  projects that have been marked as complete
  • Archived - projects that you have marked as archived
In each section, the projects are displayed grouped under the heading of the company they are associated with.

You can switch between list and card view, change the sorting order, or filter which projects are shown in the list using the options on the right.

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You can also use the character filter at the top of the list.
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Project categories

You can choose to show only projects that belong to a particular category by clicking that category in the panel on the left.

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You can add, edit or delete categories by clicking the Manage link at the top.

Note: You will only see this when you hover your mouse over the categories area. You can only delete categories that have no projects or sub-categories in them.

You will see the color for each category highlighted to the left and an arrow to show there's a sub-category in a level below - clicking the arrows will expand or hide the sub-categories.

To the right of each category, you will see a total of the number of projects in that category (if the sub-categories are closed, this total will include the number of projects in any sub-categories). These totals will reflect the number of projects in the section for the project status you're currently viewing, for example the active projects or the current projects.

You can drag any project from the list into a new category using the handle icon to the left of the project name.

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For more information, see: Viewing Projects in the Project Chart