Within Teamwork, you can manage and change the project budget associated with each of your projects.

Project budgets will only be accessible when the Time feature is enabled for the project. The billed and unbilled time budget options will not be visible unless the Billing feature is enabled for the project. 

Note: Project budgets are available on per-user Premium/Grow subscription plans and above.

Go to the Settings tab of your project and select the General subsection.

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Note: Only project administrators and site administrators can manage project budgets via the Settings area. Standard users with permission to manage a project's budget can do so via the Dashboard Summary area. Collaborators cannot manage project budgets.

In the Project Budget section, you will see the details for the current budget. Clicking any of the existing properties will bring you to the corresponding tab of the Edit Project Budget modal where you can make changes.

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When you hover over an existing budget notification, you can either edit or delete it from the budget. 

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To manage the project budget, click the three dots in the top right.

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You can then choose to:

  • Edit - open the project budget modal to update the existing budget's properties.
    • You can also create additional reminders via the edit budget view.
  • Delete - delete the existing budget from the project.
  • Add New Budget - set a new budget for the project and remove the previous budget.

Adding a new budget

When you choose to add a new budget, you can set the budget details in the Set Project Budget modal.

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Click Set Budget to update your project with the new budget.

You will be shown a confirmation modal informing you that the existing budget on the project will be replaced once you click OK and create the new budget.

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Note: Each project can only have one active project budget at a time.

You can also manage your project budget and view the project budget history via the project's Dashboard tab.

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For more information, see: Setting a Project Budget