Within Teamwork Projects, you can view your categories for the various items in your projects, such as messages and files at any time.

You will see the categories listed in the panel on the left hand side of the messages, files, notebooks and links areas of your project.

Clicking on each one will show you the items in that category in the main panel of the screen.

For each category in the list you will see a count of the number of items it holds. When you have main categories with sub-categories, this number will change depending on:

  • If the sub-categories are collapsed/hidden - you'll see the total number of items in the main category including any items in sub-categories under it 
  • If the sub-categories are expanded/shown - you'll see the number of items specifically in that top level category or sub-category
At the bottom of the list you'll see 'no category' which holds all items that haven't been added to a specific category. 

Note: Categories are automatically shown in alphabetical order.