Within Teamwork.com, you can use the search option from the main navigation pane to quickly find various project items.

There are two search options available in Teamwork.com: quick search and advanced search.

Note: Search results only include items from projects where you are a member and have permission to view. 

When you click the search option, a slide out menu opens where you can quickly view your recently accessed items or use the search field to locate a specific project or item.

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Quick search

As you enter a search term into the search box, the quick search returns results in a list.

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These results only include project items created or updated within the last 60 days. Each item is clickable and brings you to the details view for that particular item.

You can also refine your quick search before or after entering your search term. Click the filter option on the right side of the search field to switch between everything or a specific item type.

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When using the quick search while viewing an individual project, you have an additional option to search only within that project from the bottom of the search pane.

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Searching by item ID

If you know the ID of a project, task or other project item in your site, you can enter the ID in the search field to see a link straight to that item.

  • You can see the task ID in the column on the left of the task details screen.
  • You can see the ID of other items in the URL for the individual item page.

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Searching by tags

You can also run searches based on tags in the search bar using #tagname. The results returned include any project items currently that currently have the tag(s) applied.

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To search based on multiple tags at once, enter the tags in as #tagname1 #tagname2 etc. The results show any items that contain any or all of the selected tags. 

If the tag is made up of multiple words and has spaces in it, you must to enter the text in square brackets after the hashtag. 

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Advanced search

If you enter a search term in the quick search box and select the Advanced Search option at the bottom of the search pane, you are redirected to the advanced search view, which shows results from any time frame across all projects where you are a member.

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You can also press Return / Enter on your keyboard after entering your search term to navigate to the advanced search area.

The advanced search allows you to search across all projects or a specific one.

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Click More Options below the search box to search for a custom set of project item types. Using the checkboxes beside each item type, select which ones to include or exclude from your search.

The results automatically update as you check and uncheck different items.

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You can also use the search filters to choose whether to include:

  • Completed Items
  • Archived projects
  • Archived messages

At the bottom of the options panel, you can set a sort order preference for the search results:

  • Order by name
  • Order by date last updated

Note: For files, search results include matches from the details of files such as their name and description, however the contents of files aren't included.

For more information, see: Viewing Your Recent Items