Within Teamwork Projects, If you edit the date of a milestone, this allows you to automatically update other milestone dates and the due dates of the tasks on task lists that the milestone is attached to.

To change the date of a milestone, go to the milestones area of the project.

Hover over the milestone you wish to edit and click the edit link.

Select the new date for the milestone, and if you have any task lists attached with tasks due later than the new milestone date, you'll see an extra option to choose how you'd like those due dates to be updated automatically.

  • Do not modify the dates of tasks associated with this milestone
  • Shift all associated tasks by the same number of days as the milestone –  Move the task due dates by the same amount of days as the change in the milestone date (this option does not take weekends into account).
  • Shift all associated tasks but don’t include Saturdays and Sundays – Calculates the number of days to move the task due dates excluding any weekends.
  • Shift all associated tasks but keep them from landing on a weekend – Move the task due dates based on the number of days difference between the new milestone date and the old one, but make sure they don't land on weekends.
When you select your preferred options and make the change, if you have other milestones in your project you'll be prompted to choose if you'd like those milestone dates to be automatically updated also

For more information, see: Adding a milestone