Within Teamwork, you can set hourly rates for people on your project.

When you create an invoice based on time and expenses, the value for the time logs is then calculated based on the chosen hourly rates.

Rates are set per project, so it is not possible to have multiple rates for one person within a single project.

To set the rates, go to the Billing area of your project, and select the Set Rates option in the top right corner.

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In the Set Rates modal, you can choose a default project rate, as well as set individual rates per user. 

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Set this rate as the project or user default across all future projects.
Note: It will not retrospectively set the rate for existing projects.

Quickly apply the rate to all users on the project.

Apply the project rate to that individual.

Note: Site administrators and project administrators are the only users who can view and set rates for other users on a project.

For more information, see: Adding an Invoice