Within Teamwork, you can set hourly billable and cost rates individual users on your site.

Note: The actions a user can take relating to user rates depends on their permissions.

Changes to existing rates for a user will apply for the entire day on which the rate is updated. For example:

  • A user's billable rate is changed at 11:30AM on April 6th.
  • The new rate will apply to the user from the previous midnight, i.e. the entirety of April 6th.
  • Any time logs for that user for April 6th and the future will use the new rate.

Once a rate is set for a user, the corresponding value for time logs added to invoices on your projects will be calculated based on the chosen hourly rate for the user.

Setting site-wide rates

Owner company site administrators can manage site wide user rates in multiple ways.

When adding a new user or editing an existing one, the user's site wide hourly rates can be customized in the Essentials tab of the user details modal.

Alternatively, user rates can be quickly updated via the Billable/Cost Rate columns in the site level People area.

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Clicking into a rate field will open the field in edit mode where you can type a new rate or update the current value. The rate will save once you press Enter on your keyboard or click your cursor away from the field.

Setting billable rates on a project

User rates can also be set for individual projects on your site. To manage project billable rates, go to the Finance tab of your project and click the Billing subsection. Select the Set Rates option near the top right.

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In the rates modal, you can use the rate fields to set an hourly rate for each supported project member.

  • Any user with a site-level billable rate already set will have that pre-populated in their rate field. This can be updated to set a rate specific to the current project.
To the right of each user with an active rate, you will see an icon indicating whether the rate is site-level or project-level.

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You can also use the overall rate field at the bottom of the modal to set a blanket rate for everyone on the project.

Note: Inputting a number into this field will automatically update the existing project rates for each user in the modal.

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Click Update at the bottom of the modal to save your changes.

Bulk editing user rates

In both the site-level People area and the People subsection of a project, you can use the bulk actions toolbar to set rates for multiple users at once.

Note: Bulk editing of site wide user rates can only be done by owner company site administrators.

Use the checkboxes on the left to select the relevant users and click Set hourly rates from the bulk actions toolbar at the top of the list.

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In the Hourly Rates modal, you can use the text field to set a rate across all selected user.

  • When bulk editing at site level, this rate will be applied as the site-wide billable rate for each selected user.
  • When bulk editing at project level, this rate will be applied as the project-wide billable rate for each selected user.

For more information, see: Working with User Rates