Within Teamwork Projects, you can view details about your project in the project's Overview section.

In the Overview tab, the project details can be found in the left sidebar:

Project Details:

  • Project logo - If you have added a project logo in the settings area, the logo will appear at the top of the left sidebar
  • Project owner - If the project has been assigned a project owner, they will appear below the logo area
  • Board column - If the project has been added to a portfolio board, the board will be noted in the project details
    • Clicking on the board name will bring you directly to the Portfolio view
    • Hover over the project name to reveal the edit option where you can change the board the project is on, or just remove it from the Portfolio.
  • Project description - Any description added to the project will be shown
    • Hover over the description to show the edit pencil, and you can update the description
  • Project dates - The project's start and end dates, if set, will be shown.
    • Hover over the Dates section to access the edit pencil. You can set or edit project dates here, as well as mark the project as complete.
  • Tags - Any project tags added to your project will be listed
    • You can click the 'x' on each tag to remove it, or use the 'Add Tag' link to add another
  • Project category - If your project has been added to a category, that category will be listedAny tags that have been added to the project
  • Roles & access
    • Assign Roles to People - Create and assign roles on the project
    • Give More People Access - Add more people to the project
  • Email addresses - Click to view the project email addresses for adding items to your project (this will only be displayed after at least one item has been created by email)
    • Tasks, messages, notebooks, files, links