Within Teamwork, you can add triggers to columns in board view to change the task list associated with a card.

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With the modify task list trigger, you can set cards to move to a different public task list in the project automatically, once they are placed in the board column.

You can choose one of your active or completed task lists as the new task list for the card.

Creating a trigger

To add a trigger, click the options button (three dots) to the right of the column name and select Column Settings.

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Click the Add Trigger button in the Triggers section at the top of the column settings quick view.

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In the add trigger modal, select the Modify Task List option as the trigger type. You can then select your destination task list. 

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Click Add Trigger to save the new trigger for the column.

Note: You cannot choose a private task list as the destination task list for a card.

Once the trigger has been added, any time a card is moved to that column, it will automatically be moved to the destination task list.

Note: If you are using the Modify Task List trigger as well as having a default task list set up, the task list selected in the trigger will override the default list.