Within Teamwork, you can access additional milestone options in the project's Milestones area.

In the Milestones tab of your project, click the three dots in the top right.

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Adding multiple milestones

You can add multiple milestones to your project at once.

Here, you can set milestone due dates, name, who is responsible, any followers, mark as private, and send an email to notify.

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Export options

You can use the export option in the milestones area to generate a milestones report.

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Available formats:

  • PDF Calendar
  • PDF Agenda
    • When you export to PDF, the report will also include any attached task lists and progress percentage for each milestone.
  • Excel
  • iCal
    • Generate an iCal feed for the milestones - this can be used to subscribe to an external calendar that accepts iCal feeds.
    • This is a one-way export only, and doesn't allow for editing of your milestones through an external calendar.
For more information, see: Adding a Milestone