Within Teamwork Projects, you can enable markdown to allow you to perform basic formatting within your plain text when creating a notebook in place of the default editor.

For example:

*I have emphasis* = I have emphasis
I have strong emphasis** = I have strong emphasis

You can find details about markdown syntax here

To enable markdown on your site, click your profile icon in the top right corner of your site, and select Settings from the dropdown menu.

Within the Settings area, go to the General tab where you will find an option to enable markdown.

One you have markdown enabled for your site, you will then be able to create notebooks using markdown.

Creating a notebook with markdown

You can choose to create a notebook with markdown by choosing 'Notebooks' within your selected project.

Click the down arrow to the right of Add a Notebook to select the markdown option.

Notebooks created using markdown have a blue notebook icon with a markdown symbol.

For more information, see: Enabling markdown